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Our Agricultural Company operates in several areas:

Sunexus Trade is a grain trading company is an exporter of agricultural products, as well as textile products and equipment.




Agricultural protective textiles
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Who we are

Sunexus Trade Pte. Ltd. is grain trading company and an exporter of agricultural products, as well as equipment and textile products. The company is an active member of the World Food Program. The team standing behind the company includes highly qualified personnel while our sales geography includes the whole world.

Our world and business are changing, but our core values remain the same.
The way we do business is critical for our continued success. We work every day to uphold our core values. Quality, commitment, and innovation are more than ideals we work toward. They are values we live – values found in every product, service, and opportunity we offer.

The company operates in several areas:
1-We purchase and supply agricultural products, huge variety of grains, and consistently seek out new crop varieties to offer customers the best of what the grain market has to offer.
2-We supply of agricultural equipment and machinery, spare parts.
3-We supply of protective fabrics and work clothes, work shoes and accessories, protective masks and gloves.


Grain and agricultural products

We connect producers and customers of grains and oilseeds around the globe through origination, trading, processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions.

We operate on an integrated global basis to source, store, trade, process and distribute grains and oilseeds including wheat, corn, oilseeds, barley and sorghum, as well as vegetable. We have a broad global presence in grain trading, shipping and processing and we have developed significant expertise in handling identity preserved and differentiated products. We provide a wide range of agriculture commodities to world markets. Our networks and services enable us to maintain a strong position in the agriculture trading market and provide the best prices and services to our customers. Our company provides many different kinds of grains and oil seeds throughout the world. We have developed a large network of buyers and sellers to provide the best value for our customers.

Аgricultural equipment and machinery, spare parts

We supply agricultural equipment comprising a wide range of machinery and tools that are used in various processes of farming to improve output and enhance the overall crop quality. Traditional tools are now being replaced with various new agricultural equipment, which mainly include crop processing equipment and drip irrigation equipment.

The agriculture machinery market is growing with the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of agriculture. Farm machinery manufacturers are concentrating on integrating technologies such as Google Earth, GPS, and robotic systems into the present equipment for the productivity improvement.

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Tractors emerged as the leading product category and they are an essential farm equipment used for several activities, both as a standalone equipment and with other implements. Over the years, the technology and design of farm tractors has evolved as manufacturers continue to develop tractors that fulfill core requirements of farmers.

If your business needs any agricultural machinery, irrespective of whether the business is large, mid-sized or small, contact us for affordable, quality equipment and parts. Our commitment to serving your agricultural business is part of what drives our reputation as farm equipment suppliers. Contact our sales team today for a complimentary consultation.

We supply:  Tractors, Harvesters, Planting equipment, Row crop planters, Air seeders, Grain drills, Irrigation & crop processing equipment, Spraying equipment, Hay & forage equipment, Tractors and vehicles parts and components, Tires, tracks and treads for all kinds of agriculture machines, Undercarriage parts for excavators, backhoes and other equipment, Farm implements, equipment attachments and work tools, Safety and sanitation products such as fittings, fixtures, valves and couplings, Critical components including motors, brakes, pumps and more.


Sunexus Trade Pte. Ltd. provides complete work clothing & safety wear product ranges for the professional farmer & worker. Our team believes in providing you with an exceptional level of customer service during you buy from us. All of our products are available for quick delivery with 30 day returns.

The textile services of our company supplies timely and cost effective textiles to an extensive range of professional end-users in an agricultural industry.

Our protective clothing and workwear is precisely manufactured using first-rate materials and subject to stringent quality checks. Furthermore, the optimal fit, perfect ergonomics and extended range of movement offered by our products ensure that they perform well in all scenarios. Protective clothing has to meet a variety of requirements in order to offer a balance between comfort, protection and relief for the relevant application area. Stability and flexibility must also be completely guaranteed after numerous wash cycles. Our products meet all the necessary standards:  

DIN EN 343 – Protection against rain (the most important indicator for working clothes for agricultural industry).

The European standard DIN EN 343 regulates the requirements for clothing to protect against rain as part of protective workwear. This clothing is protective clothing against precipitation, rain, fog and wind at temperatures greater or equivalent to –5 °C. Two performance parameters are specified for this protective clothing:

x = water penetration resistance (water tightness)

Classification into classes 1 to 3 is possible. Class 3 has the highest water penetration resistance and fulfils the highest requirements.

Water penetration resistance (WP) is measured in pascals (Pa) and is the hydrostatic pressure held by a material. The term “water column” is often used, which is then given in millimeters. Both the material and seams are tested.

y = Water vapour resistance (breathability)

Classification into classes 1 to 3 is possible. Class 3 has the lowest water vapour resistance and fulfils the highest requirements.

Water vapour resistance (Ret) is measured in m2*Pa/W and the lower the resistance the better the breathability of the textile. If the garment has a Ret value of class 1, it must carry the warning “limited wearing time” after this number.

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